A Room Full of Naked People

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lust24

We enter a hotel suite to spend a hot night. She is dressed up for me as if it was our first night together. We dim the lights and start to kiss and touch. She undresses herself to let me see her sexy black lingerie that she knows turns me on. She starts to get really excited and wet but I don't give her what she needs. When she tells me she can't wait anymore I take off her panties and open the door to the next room where the surprise waits. Naked men and women wait for her sitting on couches all around the room, gently touching each other. Tonight she will have the chance to live her fantasies, to please and get pleased every way she wants. I will let her in, close the door behind her and wait for her call when she will be ready to show me how many people she can please at the same time.