Role Switch

A Sexual Fantasy

— By BiMel

I've always liked the idea of the term "switch" and being able to be both submissive and dominant over your partner. I grew up hating being called a "flower" as a woman, the notion that we are soft, that it is always the guy doing the fucking as the girl sits there and takes it. I grew up thinking that was how it was, that I could never tower over a man and fuck him the the way I want to fuck or be fucked. As soon as I started exploring the sexual thoughts I had, I realized I liked thinking of myself in power and then having that power taken away and given to my partner. I want to be the one initiating it, kissing them, biting them all over their body, not letting them touch until I decide it's time. I like to see the temptation in their face knowing they could just grab me and do all they're thinking of doing but not being able to until I let them. It's like a give and take, I'll touch you, kiss you, caress you until you can't resist anymore and I want the same given to me once I hand you the baton. I think of fucking my partner the way I'd like them to fuck me. I want them to take all that pleasure built up inside of them and teach me how it felt to them on my body. Repeat all the kisses, memorize the way I touched you and touch me like that, if they decide they want to be more rough they can be more rough if not rougher they can be more gentle. I want my passion to rial them up and create their own. Enough so that when the power is given to them they can show me how they've been waiting to fuck me.