Road Trip

A Sexual Fantasy

— By roadtrip

One Christmas in college I was getting ready to drive home for the holidays. Through mutual friends, I was connected with a couple of other students - attractive young women, as it happened- who were looking for a ride to the same city. We agreed to split gas and off we went.

About five hours in we were going over a mountain pass and it started to snow, harder and then harder. The freeway ahead of us was closed and we pulled off into a small town and found a cheap motel. Crowded with travelers, we all ended up in a single room with a king bed and a broken heater that wouldn't turn off. We walked through the deep snow across the street to the convenience store, stocked up on food and wine, and ended up spending the next two nights in that room.

It was hot due to the broken heater and soon enough the girls were wearing t-shirts and panties. I was wearing my boxers and a shirt. We drank a fair amount of cheap wine. We watched movies, talked, laughed, had a pillow fight, slept, all in that same tiny room with the huge bed we shared. I was intensely aware of these two beautiful women who were so close to me but tried to be respectful.

When the snow cleared we finished our trip and as I dropped them off, one of them said "I'm amazed we made it two days without hooking up!"

Whenever it snows, my minds wanders back to the fantasy of what could have happened...