Right under their noses

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LucyBird890

I'm a submissive, both in my everyday life and in the bedroom. I dream of finding the perfect dom and I know the exact game I will suggest to him when we finally meet.
I want him to dominate me completely for one night, but while the two of us are on a night out with a large group of our mutual friends. We'd conduct the whole sordid little game right under their noses. It would start with him commanding me to do small, silly things, such as buying him sweets from the vending machine or walking through the rain to hail us a cab.
The demands would then become more and more intense and our interactions become more illicit.
During dinner he would pleasure me under the table and I'd have to hide my ecstasy from our friends. At the bar he would ask me outside for a cigarette before taking me round the back and spanking me hard, much to my delight. Our friends would be none the wiser. At the club after dinner he would begin to kiss my neck and talk dirty in my ear, the music will be too loud and the club too dark for anybody else to know. We would make an excuse to our friends that we were both tired and need to get an early night, before taking a cab back to my place where he'd blindfold me, put me on all fours and tie my hands to the bed frame. He would then tease and talk dirty to me before fucking me hard.
A lot of cuddling would follow.