"You have the right to remain silent..."

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Or3lie

July. I meet this guy online; an ex-military, now police-officer. I have always genuinely hated the Police but this hot and handsome tattooed guy is waking up fantasies I had no idea about. We sext for 2 weeks, tension builds up and by the time we meet we both know exactly how and what to do to get each other off. So I get to his place, we don’t talk much, have amazing mind-blowing sex, kiss goodbye and that’s it.
August, 2:30am. I'm getting out of the club with my friends high on music and endorphins. We're laughing and I vaguely hear people walking behind. Suddenly I feel a hand grasping my hips. I turn around and see three police officers, two talking to my friends, and him, my hot-police-guy right in front of me. He's got this smile on his face that I remember getting so drawn into - the corner of his lips slightly curled up, his eyes not quite smiling yet playful, mysterious. His hands still on my hips grabbing harder, he pulls me gently towards his chest and leans into my neck to whisper: "I am arresting you on suspicion of sexual offense. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law.". His breath makes me shiver, I feel frozen and fire inside out at the same time. His hands are now grabbing my wrists and puling them in my back to handcuff me, encircling me with his strong arms, his body leaning onto me and I can feel his cock hard against me. I'm all wet. He bites my neck while pulling back and looks at me, smiles and walks me into the police van. He locks the doors, pulls me up to sit me and starts caressing my body, drawing his tongue alongside my neck, kissing my boobs down to the inside of my legs while unclothing me. He unlocks the handcuffs and whispers in my ears ”We can't be loud”. I am lost in an unconscious excitation state, craving for his body inside of me in all possible ways. I come repeatedly, and suddenly hear the door sliding open, to see the other hot officer walking in, closing the door back. I smile at him…