Rhythm Of Our Soul

A Sexual Fantasy

— By A club dancer

I’m more of an introverted person but I’ve been trying to escape that and push myself to go out more. This club was filled with the type of people who’d go to a yoga class or some sort of tantric meditation. It's a place pulsating with an openness of energy and life with people dancing with abandon not caring what anyone thought or who watched. We saw each other across the room or rather we felt each other because the room at this point was enveloped in fog and hot sweaty bodies. When I saw her my heart stopped still yet my body kept the rhythm, always keeping the rhythm.

The beat was primal. She smiled at me and started dancing inches from me. I hastily placed my hands on her hips waiting to see if she’d like it. She did. Her movement was like a panther and I had to keep up. My hands began guiding her moves as a conductor would as the music commanded us. Eyes, people’s eyes looking at us, yearning for us. We had the deepest connection that could be felt by those around us. Gazed and smiled by those around us. Like our sexual desires radiated onto the dance floor. My hands clutching at her throat. Her hair getting in my face. Wiggling our pelvises towards each other. She put her face right next to mine, hair drenched in sweat, as she bent over. Hands on the floor, her ass grinding into my cock. My left hand caressing her lower back right above her butt. My right hand massaging her shoulders.

Together we only danced for 30 minutes, but I stayed on the floor for the whole four hours dancing with everyone. The dancing was like an orgy of sexual passion, a release of everything that had happened in my life. None of us could stop because of the music. The music that was inside us commanding us to play out to the beat of the song. Liberating us from thinking, only feeling each other’s expressions of desire. My heart was racing the entire time feeling, not thinking. I can't wait until the next time I can go to the party, who I would meet and what we'd make together.