Reward and Punishment

A Sexual Fantasy

— By mdmd11

One of my favorite fantasies is the one with my ex in it. So I imagine us on a vacation somewhere by the sea. We used to have so much passion for one another, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We both loved to hear stories about mine and his ex girlfriends and boyfriends. How we kissed them, how we touched them, how did they fuck us etc. But most of all, he loved the fact that I have the ability to drive men crazy, they simply go obsessive over me. So, knowing all that, I imagine the two of us in the room, preparing to go out at a local bar. He sits by the bar and I'm just a few meters away. I start flirting around and waiting for a guy to come across. When one does, I tease him, dance with him suggestively, touch him, let him touch me and while doing all that, I'm looking at my ex all the time. I see him loosing his mind by every next touch or move I make. But also, I see him enjoying it. He hates it, but he loves it at the same time. He is so jealous, but he doesn't want me to stop. I turn around and let the guy feel my thighs and buttocks, I let him kiss me on the neck as I pull my hair aside... Then I turn around and the guy wants to kiss me. At that moment my ex stands up quickly and pulls me by the hand roughly. He's leading me out of the bar, saying I was a very bad girl and I should be ashamed of myself for what I did. We are going back to the room in a hurry and he says he's going to have to punish me, that he's going to be very hard and strict and I'll have to do everything that he commands me to... When entering the room, he throws me on the bed, spanking me and asking if I enjoyed it when the guy at the bar touched me. I say I did and he goes crazy jealous, spanking me even more, telling me he's going to fuck me really hard and if I scream and tell him to stop, he's going to do it even harder... We have rough sex and after, we love each other for the game we played. We just love that feeling of not having any control over things.