The red river of joy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By naominaomi

That one spring evening, they went to have just one more friendly drink in the town before they go to bed. In some local bar, they stopped to get some beer, chill and cool off so they could have pleasant dream. They couldn't imagine how pleasant it would be, yet.
As they were talking, time was passing, another beer replaced first one and his charming voice he used to evoke hints of his dirty ideas made her to ask him leave that place and find another one more intimate. He gladly accepted that idea and they left.
Wandering around the empty streets, searching for decrepit and abandoned ruins of old houses, they tumbled into interesting place, surrounded with woods.He lean her on the wall and kissed her, gently. The only idea now she had on her mind was about how much she longed for a little more excitement and he could feel that in her breath. As he was going down with his fingers over her body, getting closer to her pants, she whispered: "If you don't want to get dirty, you won't do that.." He didn't care, just continued entering in her pants. He felt how excited she was, all wet down there, teared up her pants, grabbed her and pushed against the wall with her face turned to wall, squeezed her boobs, passed over her hard nipples and as she stood there like a little inoccent, helpless girl-wanting to disperse all over his body in that very moment, all mesmerized by his erotic energy and his fingers already wet and bloody from juices and her period. She could feel his cock getting bigger and stronger in the cleavage of her buttcheeks until he sticked his cock into that red lake of joy. Her moans and screams were turning on him even more, holding her hips with one hand,controling the rhythm of bodies and pulling her hair with another. Passing with his tongue all over her neck with occasional hard bites, said: –''I love you all red like that.''-and she groaned louder; his voice turned her on as much as feeling his cock deep inside of herself. They melted as butter on the heat..and released. Kissed for goodbye and went in their directions