Rapunzel's fetish feast

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wallywest666

Since I was a kid I always had this fantasy. I was always scared to share it with someone. But now I want to tell my story. My ultimate sexual fantasy. I imagine being surrounded by several girls. "What's new about that", you might ask. Well, all of them would have super long hair. Knee length or longer. I would run my fingers through girls hair. Slowly. Gently. One at a time. After a few seconds I would probably be hard as a rock. I have a hair fetish, you know, if someone hadn't figured it out by now. Anyway, I would feel softness of their hair on my hands, I would play with it, kiss it. I would undress and lie down still and just close my eyes and enjoy. Girls would stand in a circle around me. One at a time they would start running their hair over my naked body. I would feel it everywhere. I would want to feel it on my fingers, between them. On my arms, chest, face, legs, penis, everywhere. My whole body would be softly caressed with their hair. Smell of their hair would fill my nostrils. I could feel the taste in my mouth. One girl would be "in charge" of caressing my chest, other my stomach, one would put her hair in my mouth, one would wrap her hair around my penis and slowly stroke it, etc. Then they would switch places. After some time one of the girls would stop stroking me with her hair, and other girl would sit on my penis and ride me. With hair still wrapped around it, of course. And they would change places again. I would want to make love to all of them. And I would want to make love to their hair, too. That wonderful, silky heaven would last, well, for as long as I could last. And I would enjoy in every second of that gentle, loving dream.