Quarantine Dreams

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rey

I am a 22 year old single Hispanic mother of one. All of this time being alone has made me feel my desires even stronger. I have so much pent up sexual tension over the past 6 months and I’m losing it. A Philippine couple moved in next door to my apartment and they are so beautiful. I love to watch as they take out their trash or bring in their groceries. Yes, all of these desires have become so strong. All I want is for them both to touch me, and I them. I want to feel her soft brown skin on mine. I want to taste every part of her body as he is gently welcomed in my pussy. I want to watch him make sweet love to her as she tastes my pink dream. Feeling both of their bodies on mine as we all climax together. And I dreamt this happened almost every night this week. But alas, it was only a dream. I want so bad for it to be real. But this whole world is falling apart. So we must be kept apart. I wonder if they want the same.