Pure Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Neocortex

My wife's friend was celebrating her 40th birthday. They know each other since playing in the sandbox. When she was 15, she discovered, that she loves girls more than boys. Later she married her female partner and they are a lovely and loving couple.
For the celebration they planned a 70s-party, so the room was decorated with disco ball, big peace signs on the walls and we all wore colourful clothes, big sunglasses, ridiculous loon pants and flowers in the hair. And we danced to the fine music of this great era.

Most of the guests were also lesbian couples and I was one of the few males, so I had to dance a lot. After a lot of drinking, dancing, kissing and hugging, the most guests have left this powerful party in the morning hours. Because we had a long drive to our home, we organised a foursome sleepover in the incredible big bed of our hosts.

We were all still in high spirits from the party, the alcohol and other funny things, so nobody could sleep. We laughed a lot and my wife and her friend told funny stories from their childhood. And everyone was kissing and hugging his partner from time to time and more and more the atmosphere became lustful and the kisses went deeper and the clothes began to fall and after some time we were lying naked on this big bed. And we were not only kissing and petting the own partner. We all became one hot damp knot of bodies and the sex doesn't matter anymore. And no one knew whose vagina he or she was licking or whose hot tongue he feels between the legs. My hard cock was licked so many times by many lips and my tongue tasted every wet vagina and kissed every hard nipple and it was an orgy full of love and lust. We all moaned so loud and I can't remember with whom I had my first climax this night. Everyone has multiple orgasms and at last I came in the mouth of my wife and she kissed me and I tasted my own lust mixed with all the others. Exhausted, but happy and smiling we all fell asleep. And until today no one regrets what happend that night. It was pure love.