Protected and exposed

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cinthia

BDSM wasn't something I couldn't understand for a long time. Then an year ago I gave myself as a gift an Erika's Lust lust cinema and x confessions signature. I started to explore all kind of categories and getting more and more deliciously surprised by the style of movies presented. It's the kind of porn wich respects us, women and men. I'm in love and horny by the movies. So, once, looking for a new title I faced "Safe word" and decided to watch. I have to say it broke all my blocks with BDSM and, instead, made me really want to try it with a man I feel confortable and safe to. Didn't get to long until this become one of my favourites films, mainly the first sex scene, with the girl all tied and eye covered, Mickey Mod, uffffff sexy, delicious and dominant playing with her in that way and Christie watching all hidden. Well, at the last time I was watching I realized that my desire was to be that girl. More than that, I realized that I was desiring to be an Erika's Lust movie star. To be all tied like that in a film set gave me a strange felling of being protected and completed exposed at the same time. I masturbated and came a lot thinking about that!