Primal Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

It is prehistoric times. You are the leader of a tribe. All women. All warriors.

Your scouts have brought you captives from another tribe. All men. You need them to help satisfy your endless lust.

They stand before you. You instruct your handmaidens to go down on them. You must see their size. Their stamina.

The winner gets to lay down so you can mount him. And he must finger your clit as you ride him.

Two more stand on either side of you, a cock in each of your hands. You pump them and lick them and suck them at will.

The smallest gets to stand behind you and squeeze and fondle your breasts. His loss.

In short order you have drained each man of his last drop of come. Even the one behind you has creamed all over your back and neck from the pure excitement. You have had your fill.

For now. But tomorrow is another day. You send the scouts out for more captives.