The Power of the Perfect Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By secretdesire

I dream that while I'm watching porn I hear the doorbell ring. I open the door to a gorgeous woman, the physical representation of all the women I have watched on the Internet. I have a girlfriend but like a lot of guys I watch porn and fantasize about this fantastical perfect woman, who can satisfy all my deepest and kinkiest desires. A woman with an impressive beauty that she's intensely aware of. She knows how much I want to fuck her but she knows that I'll do anything she asks me. She uses it to her advantage. She makes me beg her to fuck me. She has all the power because only she can satisfy my desires. She is in control of the situation and chooses how she wants to fuck. Pleasure is the purpose. She fucks me wildly, but with a secret knowledge and experience, an intuition. She is in control and I am her sex toy.