A Sexual Fantasy

— By justaprettygirl

The boss: tall. Seductive face. Grey hair. Low voice. Much older than me.

I wait for him day by day, in a room empty of everything but a bed. Playing with myself, hoping the next moment will be the one he comes through the door to ravish me again.

I'm never disappointed when he does. Today is no different.

He comes in, saying nothing. His eyebrows are furrowed and his mouth is frowning slightly. I know it's been a hard day for him at work and he'll need his release. I crave it--I am ready.

He unbuttons my dress slowly, kissing me along every inch of my skin as he does so, tantalizing me. He plays with me as he usually does, my nipples, my back, my thighs, before finally, thankfully, running his tongue along the wetness between my legs. I moan appreciatively.

Unfortunately, it doesn't last as long as I'd hoped.

There is a knock on the door and he ignores it at first, continuing with his skillful exploration of my body.

A voice on the other side calls again for him insistingly and he begrudgingly pulls away to yell for them to come in. I quickly pull on my dress again and hastily redo the buttons.

The young man enters: long dark curls. Finely muscled. Blazing green eyes.

He glances at me very briefly, knowing he is not allowed to. I belong to the boss.

As he speaks urgently to him, the boss slowly eases his hand under my dress and begins to play with me again. I bite my lip but can't quite contain every breath and moan...

The young man and I make eye contact. I know it turns him on. I know he fantasizes about me. I'd be lying if I said I never thought about his hands doing what the boss is doing now...

He looks away just as the boss announces he has to leave but will be back. He hurries out the door, the young man ready behind him but I quickly grab his shirt and pull him back in, kick the door shut and press my mouth to his.

The boss is busy now. He never needs to find out.

This is how my fantasy always plays out, but it's somewhat vague. Hoping you could fill in the rest...