Pool of Passion

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jasmine

I love watching guys swimming. Their hot bodies coursing through the water and, of course, the tiny speedos clinging to their cocks. In fact water is a big turn on for me. I got badly caught in the rain some time ago but once I got home I gave myself the biggest orgasm of my life lying on the bed in my wet clothes. I felt so naughty but so alive.
I show houses for a living and my fantasy is to find one particular client in the pool. He’s hot of course and asks me if I’d like to cool off. But I don’t strip off, instead I get into the pool in my work clothes. The water soaks my legs and cools my thighs beneath the business skirt. He watches as I lower myself in, feeling the cool liquid work its way into my hot cunt then up, through my blouse and into my bra. The clothes cling to my curves and my bra is visible through the wet white blouse. I’ve made what I want very clear. He swims over to me and we kiss in the water. He takes me to the shallow end and caresses me through the wet clothes, sucking my hard nipples through the fabric, his fingers finding a way along my thigh and into my sex. Then he stands in front of me and I feel his firm wet butt before touching and kissing his hard cock through his speedos. He fucks me in the water still in my clothes, my hair getting as wet as the sudden passion has made me. He takes me through to the shower where he slowly undresses me under the pouring water and fucks me again, feasting on my wet glistening body.
I would love to see you bring this fantasy to life. I have shoulder length dark hair so if the girl could have similar then it would be the closest thing to it actually happening. Who knows, maybe one day…