The Police Academy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By officer

I work as a police officer. One night after finishing my shift I go home wearing my uniform.
When I open the door to the apartment I see lit candles and a trail of clothing, underwear, leading to the bedroom. I don't take my boots off. I follow the trail to the closed bedroom door and when I put my ear to the door I can hear a weak buzzing and heavy breathing from the inside. My wife is using one of our vibrators on herself and it instantly turns me on. Carefully I open the door and see her lying on the bed. She is naked and masturbating using our Lelo Soraya.
When she sees me she says "I have been waiting for you. I want you to take me". I tell her that it is not for her to decide when things are to happen. If she wants me to give her what she wants she has to do what I tell her to. I tell her to put the vibrator away, turn around and put her hands together. I pull out my handcuffs and cuff her to the bed. She is sitting on her knees holding the bedframe.
I lick her pussy and sometimes penetrate her with the vibrator to tease her. She is begging me to fuck her until she comes hard.
I loosen the cuffs from the bed and fasten them again. This time her hands are cuffed together in front of her. I zip down and take my dick out of my pants telling her to give me a blowjob while sitting on her knees. After a while we kiss and she lies down on her back and I fuck her standing up. We fuck until we come together. I come inside her the way she love that I do.
That was the short version...