Please Service ... Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Curious

The sun may have made me a little too adventurous on this occasion but my confession involves ordering room service at a swanky hotel in Barcelona. I love to show off my body and my husband encourages it very much. This time I wanted to push things a little further and we ordered room service to our room to help fix a "problem" with the balcony. When the young man arrived, my husband opened the door and I was lying on the bed face down fully naked. I was on complete show. I only got a glimpse of the young man as he walked passed the bed but my husband said he was staring at me the whole time. While he started to realise there was no real problem with the balcony I moved into such a position as to expose my shaved pussy (I was also very wet). It was a massive turn on as the man got so very hard according to my husband - my husband fingered me whilst whispering what had happened. 20 mins later we requested for him to come back as it was still not fixed. This time, I opened the door in a robe and my husband was watching discreetly from the bathroom door crack. I told the young fit man that I wanted him to tell me what outfit looked better on me and asked him to wait for me to change. He was very excited. I put on in the bathroom a tight black dress (with a large slit) and came back out to his absolute delight. I made him feel the material, he was so bloody hard and erect. I then got changed into outfit 2 - leather pants and a crop top. This time I let him feel my ass in the outfit whilst smiling at my husband. I think the man came in his pants! He then left the room as I instructed him to and as soon as the door closed my husband rushed out to spank me for being naughty, before fucking me very hard whilst calling me filthy names and being strong and aggressive in a sexy way! I love being admired!