Physics Class

A Sexual Fantasy

— By hazel hard

In my last year of University, I wasn't aware yet of the big fascination I would grow to have about the universe,
about space, about how this cosmos works...
So I always sat in the physics class very very bored.
It was held in this weird, but interesting classroom.
In the middle there was a big concrete laboratory desk
and then rows and rows of university style seats,
rising up the room without any windows.

When I am bored, I tend to get very horny,
so I started daydreaming...

What if the teacher asks me to go to the chalkboard,
answering questions, solving equations. I probably wouldn't be able to answer them,
since I didn't do my homework but hung out with my friends.
What if he gets angry. What if he embarrasses me in front of the whole class.
That was basically attended by 95% guys.
They were all there. Nerds, the average bored student, hotties.
All in front of me.
And I'm there behind this massive concrete table.
What if...
...they decide to study me now.
The body of a cheeky girl, that was not doing her homework.
I would wind up on this desk,
they would gather around the table...
...what if?

Now I know how interesting and amazing the laws of physics are,
but the fantasy, I cannot get rid of. It still gets me going crazy.