A Sexual Fantasy

— By snowmonkey

I have always fantasized about being with another man. The feel, and sensation of kissing, slowly undressing and caressing a guy. It's something I had always repressed, and felt ashamed of. Until I met my girlfriend, A.

She has given me the permission I have always craved. To be open and free about my fantasy. She doesn't judge me, loves me for who I am, and is very open to fantasy experimentation.

One fantasy we have is that she watches me kissing a guy, slowly, deeply and sensuously. Feeling each other, exploring. My hand moves to his jeans, unbuttons his fly and I stroke his cock. Gently tugging his jeans down, then his boxers. She watches intently as his cock springs out. It turns us both on. She has given me permission. ~to be free. And I love her all the more for it.

He then does the same to me, and takes my cock in his mouth, sucking me slowly. Licking me, taking the head in his mouth. She loves watching him, and is getting very turned on. Our eyes meet. She comes over, and kisses me and strokes my nipples as he sucks me.

Would love to see what you could do with this idea Erika :) It would turn us both on to see our fantasy played out.