Passionate Office Play

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ray

I'm getting ready for work, and all of a sudden, I have his cock pressed against my backside while I'm brushing my teeth. We playfully tease, but I have to leave or else I'll be late. I'm now in my office, and completely incapable of focusing. I'm throbbing and aching for his touch. I text him to meet me immediately. He walks in the room and closes the door. I have him sit in my chair and I straddle him. We start to grind against each other, I push my panties aside, and let him enter me underneath my dress. It's passionate, slow, sweaty, and risky. We have to be quiet or else someone will hear. I finally climax, and he stays the rest of the day to pleasure me. He massages my back, hides under my desk and gives me oral, slowly fucks me from behind, all while I attempt to work. We're insatiable and desperate for more.