A Parking Lot of Fun

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Finnigan

When I was at university, I had an intensely sexual and kinky relationship with a girl in my class. For a year we were having sex at least once a day, and sometimes up to four times a day. But she dropped out and moved in with her parents, four hours away. Her parents hated me, and we only saw each other once a month, but our passion did not dissipate.

For the next two years we made love everywhere we could. The first time we fucked in the back of my car in a busy mall parking lot it was like throwing a switch. Over the next two years we had sex in a movie theater, in an theme park, on a popular public beach, in a church, and anywhere else we thought we could get away with it.

But two moments in particular stick out in my mind. Once I folded down the back seats and tied her with her wrists to the rear door handles and her feet to these two handles on either side of the hatchback. Then I blindfolded her and taped a vibrator to her clitoris and drove around an empty parking lot, convincing her we were going down a busy highway. The stains never came out of my upholstery.

Another time we were at a restaurant until closing, and as we were returning to our car she pushed me to a stop and got down on her knees in front of me. We were in the middle of the roadway and not hidden in any way. At one point a group of people walking to the theater nearby waved and shouted at us. I finished and we rushed to the car and drove away. As we pulled out of the parking lot, lights and sirens pulled into the lot behind us. We rounded the corner just before the police came. When I dropped her off at her place, I kissed her goodnight and realized her face was still damp with my cum. She did not clean it up before she went inside to her parents.

Everything else about that relationship was wrong, but nothing compares to the sex we had.