Pain is pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My wife has been very naughty, lately. She walked through town with no undies under her short summer dress, allowing men to take a peek here and there... For this, she must be punished, with a good, thorough spanking on her luscious bare buttocks. I ordered her to sit in front of our bed, with her upper body resting on it, and her bare buttocks towards me. I order her to sit absolutely still, no shouting or crying is allowed, also trying to avoid punishment is forbidden. I will give her 10 slaps across her buttocks for every man daring to peek under her skirt, or in her cleavage. So, there will be quite a lot of spanking to do for me! After a few dozens of slaps, she is so horny and wet, that she cannot hold it any longer. There is so much pleasure in pain! I order her, to turn around, and take my cock in her mouth. She blew me, taking my cock in as deep as physically possible. Soaking wet from her saliva, she lets it go, begging me to take her from behind, enjoying the sight of her tortured buttocks. My wet cock slides in easily, and I penetrate her for a while. Suddenly, she moans loudly, and has an intense orgasm. And now it is my turn! I pull out, and carefully penetrate her tiny asshole. The way it stretches around my cock feels awesome! Slowly, but firmly I fuck her butt, and pull out just before I ejaculate. Then I came, over her flaming red buttocks, cooling them with my fluids. What a pleasure this punishing is for the both of us !!!