Out of Breath

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sïana

Since I was a kid, I've never really been into competition. I practiced a lot of sports and I always got bored and stopped having fun as soon as I had to enter competitions and tournaments.
But since my first very serious crush in primary school, through my college years and until now, I've always been incredibly turned on by physically competing with my crushes. By openly flirting with them through games and challenges.

Challenging them in sports, teasing them, showing off my skills, pushing each of us to our limits. Chasing them or being chased in parks, running the fastest I could for any silly excuse, just hoping to be caught. The rush of adrenaline when they almost catch you and you have to abruptly change direction or run faster to escape, while you're secretly dying for it to happen. Wishing to be grabbed and thrown to the ground, rolling and laughing, trying to escape the other's strength and embrace, while craving for only one thing: furiously kissing each other. Already out of breath and sweating, crazily alive and present, burning to take our sporty games and devouring competition to the next level. Playing, teasing, tickling, running, catching, fighting, immobilizing, staring into each other eyes, being out of breath, dying to kiss. Nothing in the world would excite me more that finally getting to this final kiss, to this final bestial fuck after such a chase with my mutual crush...