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A Sexual Fantasy

— By fantasyfox

I have a fantasy that my girl and I go on vacation somewhere in the tropics and explore our sexual nature. While there we pay for a private tour guide to show us around the islands. We tour the islands by boat and drink well past til the sun goes down. We're both extremely attracted to our tour guide, and she is giving us both occasional 'fuck me' glances during the entire tour. We cap the night off by having champagne on deck while watching the bonfires on the coast and listening to the steel drums play. Our guide is full of liquid courage and gets on the deck table and starts dancing for us. Her dance has heat and her movements betray just how horny she is. One of her hungry eyes beams toward my girl through tussled hair and she pulls her up to dance. They stare deeply into each others eyes and gently caress each other up and down as the dance ever more wild. The dance becomes more ferocious and passionate and the girls kiss hungrily and begin to undress each other. Our guide reaches down and grabs my cock. She tells me she wants to watch us fuck. We go to our quarters below. She pushes us both on the bed and begins stroking my cock and fingers her pussy. She then commands us as to how she'd like us to fuck while she watches toying with her own wet pussy. She tells us when to switch positions and how to touch each other. We give her our best performance... hot n' heavy... But she complains... and instructs. She pulls my girls ponytail like a leash as she's down on her knees sucking me off. Then she puts her lips around my dick and she and my girl take turns going down on me and trading techniques. She forcefully shoves and holds my face in my girl's soaking pussy and instructs me. Then she shows me how to do it and licking her pussy. The guide sits on my girls face and they 69 as I fuck my girl. She comes again violently with a dick in her pussy and a woman's tongue on her clit. The guide then rides my dick doggy style till I cum all over her ass. Perfect vacation. It's so hot to be someone's sex puppet.