Orgasmic symphony

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jeci

Symphony orchestras are orgasmic. In my fantasy life I am the conductor of a nude symphony orchestra. I stand on stage, butt naked but for a conducting baton in my right hand. In front of me sit a symphony of 20 naked men whose gazes are transfixed upon me. I tap my gavel and my ample boobs bounce slightly. The music begins and the men begin stroking themselves to the rhythm of my baton. They slowly get aroused under my command. Like a real conductor, I focus my attention on different sections of the troop, encouraging them, pushing them, spurring them on. The tempo quickens. I see 20 full on raging erections in front of me. I occasionally reach down and flick my clit gently. The tempo quickens even more. And soon, at the final crescendo, 20 simultaneous cum eruptions... everywhere. Some of it sprays over my chest and dribbles down to my pubes. I turn to the crowd, bow and smile. I silently climax to the choruses of 'encore'.