Oral class requested

A Sexual Fantasy

— By llepafils

Hey! How are you doing?

I know we haven't talked in a year, but I wanted to catch up... well, and ask you for a small favor.

First the catching up. I have a new job! It's not that great but it pays the bills. What about you? Still working for those idiots? Or did you manage to get away? I hope you are happy wherever you are!

Also, I have a new boyfriend. We have been together a few months now. He is great, and I love him very much. But... well, I can't forget your tongue. He is good, but he can't make me cum like you used to. I miss your cunnilinguses so much! So, here is the favor. Would you come one day and teach him? I'd lie there, you eat me out, and show him what you are doing that feels so great! And tell him, I want to hear your explanations as I cum. He is up to it.

Are you in?

Missing you!