Can’t I suck both of you and get only half a spanking?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lunababy

Sunny takes my cock out of her mouth: “Your piece is one in a million. I bet I could pick it out of a crowd blindfolded!”



I smile: “You would be excited about any cock! Why not make a bet? You recognize me when sucking five different penises blindfolded and I do something you want. If you can’t – I get to do something I want. Deal?”



She thinks it'll be easy, so I share my idea: I will set up a wooden wall with five glory holes. Four guys she does not know behind the wall, and I. They will be blindfolded as well, so she can keep her anonymity in return. She tests the cocks only with her mouth: no hands, no talking. She can test in two rounds, decide, and then suck off whoever she guesses I am. No sex two weeks before the event to give me a little “heads-on”.



She smiles. “What do you want in the unlikely event that you win?” I tell her I will tie her up and gag her nicely and give her a very, very thorough spanking, what she doesn’t like at all. She smiles viciously. “When I win, you have to blow Gary and I watch…” Gary is her gay friend from college who would love to have me on my knees in front of him. I am not really sure about that. She laughs. We will both think about it.



But I can already see it in my mind: the wall, my four companions, looking lost and a bit stupid blindfolded with their pants down. I lead her in, naked. I can see she is very excited. Her thighs are wet below her cunt. Her fingers are nervous. There is a cushion in front of each cock. She kneels down, her fingertips find the first one, no more touch allowed. Sniffing at the head, taking it in her mouth. Surprise: we used the same shower lotion and perfume. Trying the next one, taking it deep. She obviously loves it. I am in position four now. Taking mine, letting her tongue play. Then moving to Pete. Back to number one. Then two, three, me again. She sits back and thinks. “Bastard”, she says against the rules. “You’re two or four. Can’t I suck both of you and get only half a spanking?”


For now it's a fantasy, but I couldn't help but notice how wet and ready her cunt was the last time we talked about it.


So I have ordered some wood.