On Stage

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Shy

In my dream I am standing in the middle of a stage. The curtain is closed, but I can hear the audience. I am naked. A thick belt is around my waist and my wrists are attached to it. My pussy has been shaved and oiled. My long blond hair has been braided into a pony tail. A small bench is in front of me parallel to the stage curtain. The audience noise fades, the stage lights become brighter and the curtain opens. The audience applauds. Two men appear from the wings. They are naked and aroused. They untie my wrists and arrange me face down on the bench. They attach the belt to the bench so I cannot get up. The audience applauds. One of the men moves behind me and uses his fingers to play with my pussy. Holding my hips, he enters me in one fast move, making me gasp aloud. The audience applauds. He begins to slowly fuck me. He pulls on my pony tail making me raise my head. The second man opens my mouth with his fingers and slides his cock in. The audience applauds. Both men slowly fuck my mouth and pussy. Now two more naked men walk onto the stage and stand on each side of me. The man behind me pulls on my pony tail and I raise my hands. The new men place their cocks in each hand and I stroke them to make them hard. The audience applauds. The men fucking me begin to move faster, harder and deeper. They fuck me until each cums in my pussy and in my mouth. The audience applauds. The four men switch positions. The new men fuck my mouth and pussy until they also cum. When they’ve finished, the four men approach the audience and bow to loud applause. As the applause dies down, the lights come on and members of the audience come up on to the stage. They are naked with large cocks and I am waiting for them…