Oh, oh, oh Canada!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Paindeer

I'm a mostly straight white french Canadian girl with curves and large breasts (like Poppy Cox, but bigger chest). My biggest fantasy is about being with 2 men who are both as much into each other as they are into me. One fantasy involves my Senegalese ex-boyfriend--call him Gabriel--when I was living in french-speaking Africa, and another bisexual friend who is Argentinian--call him Leonardo. In my fantasy, Gabriel, Leonardo and I are working in a pretty isolated part of the country, working on some random development project. We've got nothing but time on our hands in the evenings, along with cigarettes and alcohol. Gabriel and I have a passionate relationship and amazing sex. During a night of drinking together (it is how humanitarian aid workers bond), Leo starts complaining about how hard it is to hook up with a guy in these circumstances. Gabriel seems curious, and the more we drink, the more he starts asking Leo about what it is like with a guy. That turns me on so Gabriel and I start getting hot and heavy in front of Leo. Gabriel feels a bit self conscious but I manage to distract him by taking out his cock and going down on him right there. Leo starts masturbating while watching us. I strip down, having them both captive attention (and Leo and Gaby can't take their eyes off each other), leading them to the bedroom. Long story short - everyone fucks everyone else. I definitely get my pussy eaten by both of them. Leo sucks off Gabriel and then we convince Gaby to let Leo fuck him, while Gaby is fucking me. Good times ensue. Gabriel learns a whole lot. I get plenty of attention and Leo gets to become part of our relationship. Then we never want to leave.

2 things are essential in my ideal porn video: the woman is not skinny and the guys LIKE fucking and sucking each other as much as me, and their fucking gets as much screen time.

Hope this helps! :-)