Oh, Daddy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jillian

I babysit for this couple I've been attracted to for a few years now. I want so badly to have a threesome with them one day while the baby is sleeping. It could go something like this: One day I arrive at their house, baby is sleeping, daddy is cooking breakfast, and mommy is running an errand. Daddy asks if I would like any breakfast, I say yes and offer to help. All the while there is sexual tension between us, I cut potatoes while he starts preparing meat. I drop a potato, and as I'm picking it up, daddy has his hands on my hips, inching his way towards me. One thing leads to another, and we're kissing, taking each others clothes off. Mommy comes home, shocked at first to see us, but realizes this is something the couple has been wishing to invite me in on, and joins me and daddy. Taking turns, we fuck in the kitchen, on the table and counters. I want so badly to sit on daddy's face while he eats me for breakfast. Screaming, "daddy," so loudly when I come, baby wakes up from slumber.