Office Crush

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Shykid

We worked together in the same ad agency. We sat in front of each other, and in time I became more and more attracted to him.
He had a girlfriend he didn't love, and I couldn't wait for him to see me and make me his.
I was running out of excuses to talk to him, to make him feel my desires and how much I wanted him to take me.
Finally, one day, we were drinking at the office like every Friday night, and our colleagues left to get more beer. He told me, like it wasn't a big deal, "I did it, I broke up with her."
My legs started shaking and I felt my undies getting wet. I sat on a table and told him "What are you waiting for then?"
He grabbed me by the ass, pulling up my skirt, moved my undies to the side and started eating my pussy like he knew I was wet for him and him alone. I came quickly, excited and blushed, as our colleagues climbed up the stairs back from the market.
That night we started fucking. We still haven't stopped.