Office Affair

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ueno94

We have a fantasy about secretly having sex in the office.
About six months ago I moved to Barcelona, to join a technology startup, and in my new team I met this fascinating, rebellious women, who I had to work closely with. She's 13 years older than me. I'm 23.

After 4 or 5 months of working together, we started slowly getting into a relationship that no one knows about, even now.
Everyday we work next to each other and pretend that everything's normal, even though we're both tempted to get physical all the time. Sometimes, when most of people have already left the office, we exchange a kiss or two in the terrace but that's it.

Our fantasy is that one day, when everyone is in the office, we silently sneak off to a secluded part of the office and hoist her dress up, surrender to the temptation and have intense sex, combined with the adrenaline of getting caught while trying to be silent. After that, we would go back to our desks, looking at each other knowingly, while no one has any idea that we're even close with each other.