Object of desire

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Celeste

I want to see boys act the way girls act in mainstream porn. Girly, submissive, over exaggerating, bimbo, whimsical, moaning theatrically, cute, shy. That sort of porn where everything is about the male audience’s pleasure. The girls mannerism seems kinda fake, but I would love to see a man act that way, it would be so hot! To see the man more attentive to my needs than his own, like his sexuality only exists to please me. I like the alternative, feminist porn scene. But I miss that kind of hardcore objectification and submissiveness that’s in mainstream porn. I wanna switch the roles, see a guy get objectified like that. I’ve never seen that in porn, which is insane! Would love to see a typical POV video like the ones where a girl suck dick locking into the camera, she looks at him with big innocent eyes, looking cute and submissive. But instead there’s a boy eating my pussy, me using his mouth roughly, the camera capturing his exaggerated moans and looks of submissiveness, even helplessness. First he’ll be presenting his body to me, stripping, teasing. In a shy feminine way, maybe in girly/androgynous clothes. Talking dirty to the camera about how I own him and he’s hard and exited to please me. Moaning, masturbating, staring into the camera. Then I start to play with him, he’s eating me out, fingering my holes. I come in his face and smear the juice all over him. He looks into the camera and say thank you. We lay on the bed, I’m holding him preciously, he’s leaning into me looking content and sweet.