Now You Cum on Your Own Face

A Sexual Fantasy

— By anonymous

They're meeting at her place.. "You're going to have your most exciting sexual experience tonight, " was all that she told him, "if you're playing along my rules!". Her door opens, all he finds is a single sheet of paper, telling him to undress and to put on the blindfold. He does and knocks on the inner door in anticipation.
The door is croaking when it's opening and he feeels her hand guiding him into a place which must be the bedroom.
"Now we're both going to enjoy this! Maybe you'll remember that we agreed on sharing every experience from both sides when we first met. So I'm going to need your help to make you experience this." He's led onto the bed and his hands are fixed to the posts with ropes. His cock starts to swell and she grabs his legs, bends him over, his bottom to the top and fixes his ankles to his hands.
He's totally exposed and is not able to move anywhere, which makes his cock even harder. "Well we both don't want this to be over too soon", she takes a cockring and puts it around his genitals, before removing his blindfold.
Now he see's her in sex lingerie and can't wait for what is coming. "I'm sure you did not forget the cum in my face, on our last encounter. Today is the day I want to see cum in your pretty face, my darling", is what she tells him while gently striking his cock and pointing it into his face. Touching him and herself she teases him and it makes him even more horny than he could have imagined.
She stands up and goes where he can't see. When she comes back to him after a short while he feels something cold at his balls and his anus. She moves a buttplug into him and he starts to feel the little vibrations of it. He's very close to exploding when she stops. "This is going to make it much easier for me" she announces and places an electrode on the upper part of his cock. The second one was already placed between his balls and his asshole, when she put in the plug.
She lies down next to him and starts playing on the controls, until finally he cum's all over his own face and she enjoys watching him.