What Not To Wear in Summer

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My lover is about 10 years older than I am. He likes to give me orders, in a sensual/sexual way, and I am happy to oblige, most of the time. Only when he goes too far, I will refuse to do as I'm told. But my orders for this summer are naughty but funny, not demanding too much of me. Last april he ordered me to stop shaving my armpits and pubic area. And after that, he ordered me, to not wear any underwear for the whole summer, until october 1st. Not only at home, but always, everywhere! Luckily, I have firm, perky tits, not really demanding a bra to support them. At first, it felt funny in a strange way, every gust of wind around my pussy and butt, but soon I liked this new feeling. And now, beginning of July I dare to wear my shortest summer dresses and skirts, knowing that some lucky men will get a peek of my bare buttocks and hairy labia. And when I get home, I know he will be waiting. And all he has to do, is raise my skirt. I hope this summer will last forever...