My (not so) obedient wife

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Since we entered the world of BDSM, we give each other challenges to fulfill. Most of the time these challenges are bedroom related, but sometimes we give each other "outdoor" challenges. Since we are on holiday in the south of France (Millau), where it is mostly very warm in summer, I thought of a challenge taking advantage of the circumstances. My challenge for her... is to walk around town all day without any underwear under her short dress. We will do everything people do on these occasions, visiting a small museum, some shopping, drinking a cappuccino on a terrace... And every now and then I order her to flash her butt or breasts in public! And here is why I love my wife so much... She sometimes does, and sometimes does not as I order, although she knows there will be some punishment for being not obedient enough... But even those punishments she is taking gracefully, whipping, spanking until her buttocks are glowing all rosy red, she really likes it all! Sometimes I think she is doing it on purpose, looking forward to our spanking sessions, and the sex after... I love my (not so) obedient wife!!!