We´re Not Here To Sleep

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Maval71

I'm new to the neighbourhood, and I become friends with a very beautiful woman, who is in her late twenties just like me. She invites me to a glam slumber party she is having so that I can meet two more of her girlfriends. I arrive wearing my best gown. Her friends are already there, they greet me with such warmth and they make me feel welcomed. They are all wearing barely nothing lingerie we begin to drink and have fun, when I see two girls kissing and touching each other. I feet so aroused by them and start to become really horny. I see my new friend coming my way, and she asks if I like what I see, and I reply yes. We start making out, she starts kissing me and touching my breasts and her hands go further down caressing my wet pussy. I start doing the same to her, she goes down on me and starts licking my pussy. I have the hardest orgasm it feels so good. I can't wait for the next slumber party, and to have an amazing night with my new friends.