Noise complaint...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Miren

Our neighbours just moved in a few weeks ago across the street. Newlyweds, so a lot going on in their bedroom... Any room, as we soon discovered! From our apartment you can just look in, and on those hot summer nights they did not close their windows at all! So, almost every night we saw and heard first rank the most incredible Kama Sutra worthy sex acts! The noise they made! Moaning, grunting, shouting, yelling!

When my husband finally went over to complain, he didn't come back... Only a few minutes later I saw why... They made quite a spectacle of it... Just as I wanted it to happen... I have to find a way to express my gratitude to my neighbours AND my husband for this generous gift, the show they all three performed in front of my eyes. It is all in the eye of the beholder, you see?