Nice to meet you

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tethys

The blindfold goes on, and my world has turned completely dark. A few moments of silence follow, but somehow I feel the energy of the room changing, and with my minds eye I can see everyone taking their masks off, and let loose their real self. Suddenly I feel the black void coming alive, as dozens of hands take over my body. I am being pulled and pushed around. I can feel gentle touches, powerful grips. Soft hands, rough hands. Hands exploring my face as if to know me better just through touch. Hands slightly going under my shirt, feeling their cold touch. Bodies gently rubbing against my crotch. I can hear soft moans whispered into my ear. Long hair lightly touching my face. I feel teeth sinking into my skin. As I begin to be more and more aroused, I can hear heavy breathing all around me increase with pleasure. I'm captivated with the smell of arousal. I fall down, drowned under all the bodies crawling over me as if I'm in a pit of snakes. Everything suddenly stops, and in the silence that follows I feel the room going back to how it previously was. I take my blindfold off. All the strangers that I've spent my last two days with, are staring at me with a content smile: "Nice to meet you"