Next time I'll go for it

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fabone

This story happens about five years ago and I am still curious about what could have happened.

My girlfriend and I were on a friend's party. He lived with a really nice guy that my girlfriend and I liked a lot. Pete. In fact we had been fantasizing about making love with some of our friends and he was in one of our fantasies.

We danced, drank and had loads of fun, I was tipsy and so was my girlfriend. At some point Pete went to his room to sleep as he had a few drinks to many. We kept dancing until my girlfriend went to lay down as well.

When I wanted to join her shortly after she was laying in bed with Pete, snuggeled up on his side. She told me quietly to lay down next to him and directed my hand onto his torso.

We were laying there without making a noise, me breathing with excitement and wondering, what I was doing. When she started caressing his chest and made me do the same I had to get up. I was just not ready for it yet.

A few weeks later Pete left the country to go back home. Our fantasy stayed just that. Since then I still wonder how the night would have ended had I not gotten up? I wonder how it would have been to touch his cock, suck it with my girlfriend. Also I would have liked her to direct his dick into my as. Gently... What if...?