New Years' Eve Resolutions

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I met this girl... She is into BDSM... I am not, but her exiting and arousing stories made me wonder... So she challenged me... And what does s guy do when he is in love? Exactly! So there I was, going to this new years' eve party in a BDSM club in a city nearby. We were all dressed up for the occasion, my GF in a little latex nurses' uniform, and I a cowboy outfit, but with only the suede vest and leather chaps over a black leather string. Once inside I noticed my GF felt really comfortable here! But for me, it was a bit weird, to be honest. She stopped to show me the Cross... I saw a girl, who was whipped up by a guy using a variety of whips, until her back and buttocks were covered in a criss-cross pattern of red lines. Somehow this aroused me more than I expected, but the next contraption was what really did it for me.... A little bench! My GF dared me to lay down on it, with my bare buttocks towards her, and she would slap my butt until I begged for mercy! With some hesitation I did what she wanted (what can love do with ones' mind!) and soon I felt her hands caress my behind. And then, still unexpected, the first slap! Tears sprung in my eyes, but I let her continue. A second slap, harder, followed by her caressing hands to sooth my agony. But then.... slap after slap after slap... Suddenly I noticed my cock was rock-hard, pre-cum dripping off my shaft! She noticed it too, and started caressing it with one hand, while continuing slapping my butt with the other. One last slap, so hard my butt was numb for a while. But at exactly that moment I came, my cum sprung all over my GF's hand. With a broad smile she licked it all off her hand and fingers, and then kissed my fiery red ass! And all this happened with about a dozen on-lookers, who applauded loudly when I came over my GF's hand! I am converted now, and visit the club now once a month with her and discover new ways of enjoying by pushing our limits to the max! Happy new year for all at XConfessions!