New Years Eve

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Giorgia

It is now 3 years that I wish this fantasy with my crush to become true. It’s New Year’s Eve and me and my crush are celebrating with some friends during a dinner. Just some minutes before midnight I notice that he isn’t there anymore so I check in the other rooms and I find him in the bathroom. Thanks to the alcohol he tells me he has always loved me and tries to kiss me. At first I stop him but then I start to kiss him and say I feel the same. So we’re both sitting on the bathroom floor while we’re kissing, then I proceed to take of my shirt to reveal my breast and I put his hand on it. I don’t imagine us to be completely naked, in fact he keeps his shirt unbuttoned and I keep my skirt on. He’s sitting with his back against the wall and I’m on top of him as I start moving while we stare at each other. In the meanwhile the New Year has arrived and we can hear the celebration from the other room . I imagine this moment like an intimate one, very passionate but also pretty quiet. 
Big love from Italy Erika!