Never too short.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wyn_hoover

I am a male who is attracted to females with short edgy haircuts. The shorter the better. My wife also enjoys experimenting with her hair and I often accompany her to the salon. Her current hairdresser is openly gay and has said on more than one occasion that I am a wasted heterosexual male. I take the compliment. He also loves to cut short edgy hair and he knows I love his work on my wife. On one occasion I suggested my wife try a really short cut not really thinking she would go through with it. When he saw the picture he said "Hell yeah, let's do it." I took my seat on the couch to the right of his chair. He caped my wife in his chair and she looked in my direction with a smile. The idea of her caped in the chair is like bondage and placed her submissively in his control. He glanced back at me with a knowing look before starting the cut. He began with his clippers as he pushed her head gently down and began shaving the back of her head. I was instantly aroused by the severity of the cut and was fully erect. Gawking, I lost awareness and a female hairdresser walked by commenting "you gonna need help with that" as she pointed out my erection.
The staff began to gather and observe the hair dresser as he gave my wife a very short buzzcut. My wife smiled through the whole process and near the end motioned me over. He asked me if it was short enough with a grin. I noticed he was fully erect as well. My wife reached up and exposed my penis telling me that he had done his part and I should take care of him now. He nodded and smiled as he continued fading in the cut. I exposed his erect cock and serviced him as my wife did the same to me. He finished the cut as other stylists observed our exchange with one female coming over to rub my wife's head and made her way to my wife. We all eventually finish each other and rather nonchalantly pay and exit the salon as if this was a normal experience.