Neighbourhood watch 1

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SexyLibrarian

In my backyard, I have a hammock tied between two trees. There are actually a lot of mature trees in my backyard, which affords a lot of privacy. The only chance of me being seen by one of my neighbors is from the second-story back deck of the house to our left. Lucky for me, those neighbors are out of town a lot (and not really outdoorsy people anyway), so I feel relatively free to let the breeze caress my skin into arousal when I'm outside in my hammock. Sometimes I even masturbate while I'm out there, and like I say, it's so private that I don't worry much about someone seeing me. It's really nice.

But one time, when I did happen to be masturbating, I saw someone on my neighbors' back deck. I quickly stopped and tried to pretend like I hadn't had my hand down my pants. Ha ha. And at first, I was disoriented because I knew my neighbors weren't in town, but then I realized it was their college-age son, probably stopping over to do laundry or check the house or something.

I stared at him and he looked away. I could tell he was a little embarrassed, and I was, too, but for some reason this made me even hornier than I would have expected. He's a good-looking young man, but I'd never thought of him in the context of sex ... and I kind of liked it. Well, before I knew what I was doing, I had my hands back down in my undies rubbing even more urgently than before. And this time it was a show for him. My cheeks were crimson, and I could feel a rush of excitement about putting myself out there so brazenly. I felt an animal instinct urging me on.

He tried to look away at first, but then he couldn't help himself and looked at me. I could see him swallow hard, unblinking as he observed me. Then he did something that truly surprised me. He pulled down his pants and (still standing) began stroking his cock for me. Well, this pushed me toward orgasm in a hurry with him not far behind. His cum actually shot over the railing and into the flowerbed below. I blew him a kiss and went back inside my house. Still can't believe it happened!