My Neighbor, My Ice-Cream and My Kitchen....

A Sexual Fantasy

— By hadronn

It's about me (Jim) and neighbor MILF (Betty). One morning, around 10 am, her 8-year-old son (Carl) came to my home to play games on my laptop. I took him to my workroom, switched on my laptop and allowed him to play.

And now, begins the real game... Carl's mom, Betty, with whom I have been friends for few weeks, came searching for him. Carl was late for school... but Carl didn't budge. He didn't want to move from my laptop... so i went to kitchen and signaled Betty to take some ice cream for Carl to persuade him. She went to kitchen and I went to Carl, engaged him into more games (he was fully engaged ).

And now, it's just Jim, Betty and the ice-cream... unimaginably thrilling it was... with Betty's boy distracted... it was our most memorable quickies... ripping of our clothes, licking ice cream off each other bodies... It was the most beautiful, slippery 15 minutes...

Betty then took Carl to school.