My Wife Has Noticed You

A Sexual Fantasy

— By BusterPain

I watched as my wife stole glances at a man sat at a nearby table. I knew what was on her mind.

I approached the man, a bigger, more muscular and even a prettier man than me. He projected an air of confidence and dominance.

I sat at his table.

‘My wife over there has noticed you.’, I said.

The man looked at me confused. Then he looked over his shoulders and looked directly at my wife, who sat cross legged on her chair. She looked away.

‘I can give you a ride to mine and you can give her what she wants’, I suggested.

He silently approached her and shook her hand.

‘Who is he?’ asked my wife who was getting red.

‘My name is Jonathon. Your husband tells me you wanted me.’

‘I am sorry, but my husband is mistaken. I do not indulge in his wishful fantasies’. She lied.

The man glared at me and was about to walk away.

‘But, we’d like to invite you over for some tea?’ she said. ‘I insist’.

 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -* — — — — — — — — — —

I watched with admiration and envy as the man penetrated my wife from behind whilst her back was arched. He yanked her hair as he rode her, his balls slapped against her in a fast rhythm.

She cried in ecstasy. I have never seen her so thrilled and excited. But just when I thought I saw enough, her eyes rolled up, her mouth opened and she screamed in euphoria as she climaxed.

‘Get us something to drink’, she said curtly.