My Ultimate Gift of Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Husband G

Most recently I confessed to my wife that I harbored a deep desire to live the Hotwife lifestyle.

The fantasy and my desire started many years ago, when a New Years party came to an end, my wife and I found ourselves alone with a friend in his living room. The music was low and we were reminiscing, about lots of past experiences.

The mood was friendly, we were merry and my wife asked if we'd like another drink. We both said yes at the same time and all laughed. At this stage, nothing at all signaled that within minutes we'd be exploring my wife's beauty and tenderness.

My friend and I sat aside of each other and when she returned, she sat in between us. It only took one sip, before I felt her hand on my thigh, as I looked at her she kissed me, passionately. At the time, I was thinking it was a bit awkward for my friend, so I placed her other hand on his thigh.

Each and every movement was like playing an instrument, as one move led to another, as she touched his thigh, her head spun to the opposite side where their lips locked. As they kissed and caressed I began to kiss her neck, working my way down her body, I began to undress her.

Not a word was spoken. It gave me the warmest most ultimate desire to want to please my wife in every way and with her new lover. To watch her unfold into a world of intense pleasure and the embrace of two men, to let her fantasies run wild.

As we massaged, kissed and tasted her every inch, she eventually took me into her warm innocent mouth, I began to focus on my friend's gradual movements down her body, as he kissed his way to her navel and further below, It was beautiful. At that moment, I wanted to watch my beautiful wife embrace others, not just my friend, many other beautiful beings. It was like time had stopped and I was the audience, an outer body experience watching him inch his hardness closer to her place of worship. That very moment, as he pushed deeper into her life, I heard them both exhale with great ease and passion.... almost as if they had just exchanged rings and shared their vows they had cemented their hearts together for that very moment. I felt only love and passion. What felt like hours of watching them dance, my wife, pulled me closer. We locked in an eternal embrace of love, friendship and shared intimacy.

From that day on, we fantasied for years about meeting another guy or girl. The fantasy never came to fruition. My heart ached for years, my desires eventually got the better of me and when she planned a trip away to London, I wrote her a letter explaining my pain and want to experience more intimacy with others. For me to offer My Ultimate Gift of Love and let her free, to give her the power and the freedom to have and to hold others, any race, colour or creed of her choosing. My gift to her was a silver anklet that she wore and the simple words of will you be my Hotwife. She replied "Yes" with all my love.

A liberated and happy couple.