My Team Wins

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Soccergirl

I am in a women soccer team. This year we managed it to arise into the next league. A success that only happened because we fit perfectly together as a team. Every member of our team somehow was so familiar, so intimate to each other. No lies, no envy, no jealousy.
After our matches we used to celebrate together in the locker room.
That night it happened that we opened up on our most intimate secrets in front of the whole team. We hilariously partied together with champagne under the shower and at some point decided to invite our trainer. He was a bit shy and we managed to take off his shirt before he came into the room full of naked tipsy girls. This situation made my thoughts go crazy. This moment was just perfect. The successful match, the intimate spirit, our very good looking trainer. I imagine what could have happend if he wouldn't have left the room that early...