My Stately Home Ball

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Miss Smith

It's hopefully not long until we can all leave our homes and start seeing the world again. My plan is to hire a stately home here in the UK and host a huge party full of friends and strangers - with rooms available for people to stay in overnight. It'll be black tie. I miss dressing up. I want the men in full James Bond style tuxedos. I want the woman to be in full ballgowns, princess or prom style dresses and I want the alcohol to flow. I want it to be full of like minded people. Maybe some people might wait until the end before disappearing upstairs, maybe some people can't wait before they end up fucking all over the place. It doesn't matter. I want people dolled up and having fun with each other the way we currently can't. I can't wait. I can't wait to sneak off to a back room, maybe even the library with one lover and for him to hitch my dress up and fuck me from behind before smoothing it back down and heading back to keep on partying. I can't wait to follow it by taking other lovers upstairs to bed, maybe in a group with a female friend of mine. Who knows? I just know I can't wait and I'm wet thinking about it. I even dress up in one of my ballgowns for an evening in my living room to imagine it properly...